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Varee Chiangmai International School - How To Apply

How To Apply

The Application Process & Selection Criteria

Varee Chiangmai International School is selective in acceptance of its students. Selection is based on each students’ English, Mathematical and Science abilities. Students entering our International School will also be interviewed by the English Language Specialist, to determine their level of spoken English. Students are assessed according to their age and year level.

Prior to an entrance test, parents and students will be interviewed. Once the interview has been successfully completed, parents can start the admission process by completing the Application Form and paying the application fee. The International School office will arrange for an entrance test to be taken. The entrance tests are held either at the beginning of the morning or in the afternoon. For students intending to enter Early Years and Years 1 & 2, we arrange for them to go into the classroom,  as part of their overall assessment.

There is a fee of 3,000THB  for the entrance test which will need to be paid on the day of testing.

Acceptance Into The Programme

The School Principal will make a recommendation to the Director of Varee Chiangmai International School, who will make the final decision as to whether or not, your child will be accepted into the school.

Following a positive outcome, you will then need to complete the school forms and pay the enrolement fee. Tuition fee deadlines are one week prior to the start of each semester for new parents. Should your child join after the start of a semester, you will need to pay the balance of the semester tuition prior to starting classes.

Parents will be given a copy of the Parent’s Handbook, outlining all the policies and procedures for Varee Chiangmai International School.

  • Key Stage 3

    Key Stage 3 students will sit a standardised test which is levelled according to the UK national standards for years 7-9. Depending on the combination of results, including the outcome of the interview, students will be accepted either to join mainstream schooling, or mainstream schooling with additional ESL support.

    The will be a blog for each of the following:

    • The ability to access mainstream learning in English language across the whole curriculum
    • Age appropriate knowledge and understanding in Mathematics and Science
    • Ability to interact with others in a positive and confident manner
  • Key Stage 4 (Year 10 Only)

    Students wishing to enter Year 10 will sit a more rigorous entrance exam to determine their background knowledge and understanding in the three core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Only students with sufficient competency in English, Mathematics and Science will be accepted into Year 10.

    Students are selected according to the following criteria:

    • Evidence of high academic achievement at Year 9 level
    • Evidence of strong English language proficiency in order to access the broad curriculum at IGCSE level
    • Good levels in Mathematics and Science
    • Ability to interact with others in a positive and confident manner
  • Key Stage 5 (Year 12 Only)

    Students wishing to enter the A-level programme, must make an appointment directly with the International School Office to discuss the students’ options and suitability.

    • Students need a minimum of 5 A* to C grades at extended level in IGCSE in order to enter A Level.