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Varee Chiangmai International School - Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Varee Chiangmai International School offers weekly drama classes to students from Early Year 1 through to Year 6 as part of the standard curriculum, and to students from Year 7 to Year 9 as part of their enrichment program (6 weeks each semester). However, at Varee the concept of ‘Drama’ is considered broadly.

Through the Early Years and Key Stage 1, students will explore broad concepts such as presentation and performance skills, mime, movement and general confidence. In Key Stage 2, students will explore more specific performance art genres including physical theatre, dance and clowning, as well as beginning to investigate theatre techniques such as voice, character development, improvisation, script work and team work. In Key Stage 3, students will continue to explore the above techniques, as well as more advanced concepts such as status and devising. Students will also study the work of renowned playwrights such as Shakespeare and other influential performers and creators in the world of theatre.

All Primary School students are expected to participate in between two and three school productions per year in either a performance or production role, including a whole-school end of year production before the Christmas holiday.  During production students’ inherent talents are fostered and promoted whilst being encouraged to work on their weaknesses.

Secondary students are encouraged to volunteer to participate in two productions per year as part of their extracurricular activities (see below). This includes the whole-school end of year production. Previous productions have included ‘The Lion King’,  ‘Dinner at Eight, Dead By Nine’, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Thriller’.

Extracurricular Activities
Both Primary and Secondary students are also offered additional training in the performing arts through after school clubs where students who are especially keen, are able to delve deeper in to the theatre arts and participate in additional performances.

Students are also offered various other theatre based opportunities throughout the year including field trips to see other company, community or school based shows, as well as participation in competitions.

Our drama classes are delivered by a specialist teacher in our own Drama Studio, which includes a stage with concertina doors, backstage area, retractable mirrors, basic stage lighting and an interactive media player.